Past to Present Archaeology is an archaeological organisation made up of professionals possessing over 25 years commercial experience, supported by a network of regional specialists, providing knowledgeable, tailored solutions covering private and public sector clients nationally.

Our committed team has experience spanning all major infrastructure projects, no matter how big or small, from linear schemes and housing developments to small annex’s and conversions. Below, you can find out more about us and the range of services and expertise we offer.

Our client focused approach is designed to bridge the gap between the heritage sector and development, by providing high quality, pre-planning assessments and archaeological mitigation tailored to your needs.

Our Range of Services

Heritage Services

  • Consultancy
  • Heritage statements
  • Impact assessments
  • Archaeological desk-based assessment (DBA)
  • Historic building survey (Level 1 – 4)

Archaeological Services

  • Production of WSI
  • Schemes of archaeological monitoring and recording
  • Field evaluation by trial trenching
  • Large-scale excavation
  • Geophysics
  • Specialist finds
  • Environmental processing

Archaeological Consultancy

The UK planning system requires developers to consider how planning and development affects heritage assets and buried archaeological remains. This can be an unwelcomed expense. At Past to Present Archaeology we are committed to delivering a fast, innovative and competitively priced consultancy package, that enables our clients to identify, understand and manage archaeological mitigation requirements across their projects. Our package covers policy advice, heritage documentation, such as Impact Statements and Desk Based Assessments, LiDAR Assessment and formulating surveys.

In working closely with a wide variety of clients, we have been able to diversify our portfolio, by acquiring local and regional knowledge across a huge range of infrastructure projects. There is no job too large or too little that we cannot deliver a high standard of service for. We have established a great working relationship with our clients, and our personable approach has resulted in them returning to Past to Present Archaeology time and time again.

Archaeological Desk Based Assessments and High Impact Assessments

Archaeological Desk Based Assessments and Heritage Impact Statements are an essential part of a planning application that assesses and informs the planning authority as to the immediate threat to heritage assets (both known and potential) that may exist below the ground surface, prior to any development.

Our reports are fully compliant with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (2017) ‘Standards and guidance on the production of historic environment desk-based assessment’, and include a wide range of components including; a full HER search and review of heritage assets therein, review of designated and non-designated assets (the HE list and HER list), review of existing OS mapping, full map regression, use of aerial photographs, Records Office visit and site visit. Our specialists are proficient in manipulating data on GIS to assist in the preparation of high quality reports, and can offer a quick turnaround to meet demands of tight schedules.

Historic Building Survey

A Historic Building Survey is usually required during the planning process when important historic buildings are incorporated either directly into a development or affected by alterations in any way. A survey is undertaken by a specialist in order to advise and develop a strategy for the conservation, alteration or demolition of a particular building with historic interest, to preserve a record, both on paper and photographic, of the layout and existing fittings, the chronology and surroundings of the building, prior to the commencement of the project.

Types of buildings may range from stately homes, to National Trust properties, Grade I, II* or II listed buildings and even castles; although archaeological and historical value of a property or the area it resides might always be apparent. Past to Present Archaeology possesses extensive experience in investigating and assessing buildings of historic significance. Our in-house specialist Hazel Taylor (BA, MSc) is qualified to conduct all types of survey, ranging from Level 1 (the most basic) to Level 4 (the most detailed and extensive). If you are unsure whether a particular project requires a building survey, we offer a free advisory service to discuss and advise you on your development plans, as early identification of heritage assets will greatly assist the planning of your project. A Historic Building Survey forms an integral part of the CoBRA (Conservation-Based Research and Analysis) approach advocated by Historic England.

Archaeological Watching Briefs, Evaluations and Excavations

Developments that have impacts on archaeological resources may have different levels of mitigation imposed. Past to Present Archaeology can cover all on-site mitigation work from watching briefs, to trial trenching (evaluations) and full archaeological excavations. Our skilled team of archaeologists possess experience covering all periods and cultures in British history, and are equipped to record and excavate with efficiency and precision.

The above are examples of intrusive investigation, but Past to Present Archaeology offers a number of non-intrusive forms of investigation, such as: geophysical survey, fieldwalking (collecting artefacts from the surfaces of arable fields) and topographic survey of historic earthworks.

Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI)

Before the development hereby permitted is commenced, a written scheme of archaeological investigation shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.”

The above is a common response developers may receive from local planning officers. Past to Present Archaeology offer efficient and bespoke preparation of WSI’s to meet the needs of every type of required mitigation.

Specialist Reporting (Finds and Environmental)

Past to Present Archaeology provides high quality and cost-effective specialist reporting. We specialise in:

  • Pottery (prehistoric, Roman, medieval and post-med)
  • Metalwork
  • Human osteoarchaeology
  • Animal bone assemblages
  • Flint and stone tool analysis

In addition we provide a comprehensive service for the processing and analysis of environmental samples.

Our experienced staff can offer a quick turnaround in report preparation and are competitively priced to meet project needs. To discuss your individual project needs or receive a highly competitive evaluation, please email, or alternatively you can fill out the form below.

What People Say About Us

‘Over the past year, Past to Present Archaeology have supported AOC in our fieldwork throughout England by supplying a team of skilled archaeologists. The staff (Rupert, Callum, Hazel and Faith) have all been great to work with, on both a professional and personal level, and work well leading small projects and as part of a team. We would be happy to have any of them on our sites in the future and highly recommend Past to Present Archaeology.’



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