The Bronze Age in Britain began around 2500 BC. It was marked by the use of copper, and then bronze, by the prehistoric people, who used such metals to fashion tools. In this period, increased agricultural practices were adopted by local communities and the making of pottery became widespread. During the Bronze Age, large megalithic monuments and settlements were constructed at the sites of Avebury, Silbury Hill, Flag Fen, Must Farm, and more famously, Stonehenge. The evidence we have from these sites, shows an increase in ceremonial practices in this period, with elaborately decorated burials and extensive ritual landscapes.


Recently, Past to Present Archaeology started a new research initiative to investigate the peoples of the Bronze Age in Western Suffolk. At the moment, little evidence exists to help archaeologists understand migration and settlement in the region during the Bronze Age, and we want you to help us discover how Bronze Age communities lived, farmed, produced tools and items for everyday use, and buried their dead.


Our courses are suitable for students and enthusiasts. Whether you fancy enhancing your archaeological Skills Passport or just seeking an archaeological adventure, our team of experienced archaeologists are on hand to instruct and guide you through a series of training courses to nurture your passion in archaeology. Our site is within a 10-15 minute drive from Bury St Edmunds. So, come and help us break ground for the first time!

This year marks the breaking of ground on our long-term research project. We are starting our excavations on a landscape littered with prehistoric enclosures, ring ditches and Roman forts near Bury St Edmunds. It is our aim to evaluate and uncover dating evidence to characterise these ancient monuments. Therefore, Past to Present Archaeology are pleased to announce our West Suffolk Prehistoric Landscape Project open for community involvement.


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