Do you want to join us on a journey of discovery?


The Manglisi Project offers the unique and exciting chance to be involved in a brand-new international research initiative full of adventure, archaeology and of course world-famous Georgian wine. Whether you simply wish to excavate our medieval settlement, uncover the bones of prehistoric ancestors or be responsible for discovering new ground-breaking sites, our archaeologically rich project is the ideal summer vacation for you. We welcome all students and keen non-students.


Manglisi is situated in south-east Georgia in the region of Kvemo Kartli on the southern slopes of the Trialeti Range, Lesser Caucasus. The region is an area of natural beauty and is steeped in history. In 2017, an extremely large mountainous private reserve was surveyed for archaeological potential and over 30 sites encompassing Palaeolithic, Bronze Age, early Christian and medieval were identified, although we expect much more.

In 2022, Past to Present Archaeology will be supporting the project by continuing excavations and opening test excavations in new locations. These are the early stages of a long-term research initiative to evaluate, excavate and understand the network of archaeological sites hidden in all parts of the reserve, and we want you to be a part of our adventure. With training courses available across a number of disciplines, not only will you make new and interesting discoveries, but you will experience Georgian culture, cuisine, the beautiful landscape of the Caucasus Mountains and their exceptional wine.