Day 1

Our geophysics of the area have begun with the help of geophysicist Rob from Allen Archaeology.

The first of our geophysics results confirm where our ring ditches are and where our first three trenches will be situated.

Day 2

Geowizz in the southwestern part of the project area revealed possible earthworks related to Roman and medieval activity.

Day 3

Here we can see where our four trenches will be dug out.

We will begin excavating in Trench 3 first.

Day 4

We’ve begun digging trenches 1-3 ready for our participants and volunteers arriving tomorrow!

Our team has also been very busy constructing our campsite for the week, where our participants will join us.

Day 5

Our senior archaeologist Hazel introduced our participants to the site!

After the introductory talk, we began excavating our sections in Trench 3.

Day 6

Our team has made great progress on Trench 3.

Our participants are well underway with excavating their sections.

Several small flint flakes have been found through sieving as well as many tiny mollusc shells.

A local kindly gave us an ammonite fossil found on his land in the surrounding area, leading to great conversations over lunch with our participants!

Day 7

Our Trench 3 sections are beginning to be finished and recorded.

This prehistoric pit revealed animal bone and worked flint.

Day 8

Our participants and team were able to successfully finish recording Trench 3!

Day 9

We have moved onto Trench 2!

We are hoping for more finds from our sections, with some worked flints already being found.

Here we can see Ruth with the GPS, surveying the sections.

Day 10

Excavation of Trench 2 is nearly completed, with more worked flint being found.

Our participants are now confident carrying out the recording process.

Trench 1 was prepped in the afternoon, revealing six pits within a northeast facing section of the trench.

Day 11

We have finished excavating and recording Trench 2!

More worked flint was found in the large ring ditch within this trench.

Excavation of Trench 1 began in the afternoon, on one of the six pits, whilst Trench 4 was prepped for excavation also.

Day 12

The excavation of Trench 4 began in the morning.

Trench 1 excavation and recording is completed, though one further unexcavated pit was located within the trench.

There was a partial excavation of a tree throw in the centre of the trench, but was not completed due to the nature of the feature.

It is likely that a large linear runs through this trench, however this year remains unexcavated. A full excavation will take place next year.

Day 13

Trench 4 excavation continued throughout the day.

During this week, our participants have had the opportunity to learn how to survey using a magnetometer with Rob from Allen Archaeology.

OSL (Optically-Simulated Luminescence) sampling was carried out on Trenches 2 and 3.

Day 14

Our final day of our field school:

Trench 4 excavation has been completed and sections have been recorded.

Further OSL samples were taken from Trench 4. These samples will be sent for analysis. The results will be able to date the deposits in the trenches.

We are glad our participants and volunteers had a fantastic time with us on site the past two weeks! We look forward to returning to the site next year for further discovery!