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Prehistoric Flintwork 1

Prehistoric Flintworking

If you have an interest in prehistoric flint technology and want to understand ancient crafts of toolmaking then this course is really for you. You will learn how to recognise worked flint and understand the ancient toolmaking techniques in which to make them. You will be able to handle many artefacts from British prehistory and learn how to identify them.

Human Remains

Human Osteoarchaeology

Have an interest in human osteoarchaeology? Then why not join our Past to Present Archaeology Introduction to Human Osteoarchaeology course, where you will have the chance to handle real archaeological skele’s, and learn how to age, sex and record them. A separate funerary archaeology course is current in preparation. More information will follow shortly.



Come and spend a day surveying our prehistoric site in Leicestershire. Learn how archaeologists undertake survey, and how we interpret our findings. You will receive hands on training from industry professionals, and help us reveal more about our ancient past.

*All course dates to TBC

Your safety as well as ours is our top priority during the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore Past to Present Archaeology will not be running our courses until safe to do so. If you would like to receive more information on any of our listed courses please get in touch by filling in the form below. We will also send you an alert when your chosen course is up and running.

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