Prehistoric Leicestershire

Multi-period prehistoric settlements

Fanatic about prehistory? Possess an interest in Mesolithic flint and Roman pottery? Then come and join Past to Present Archaeology uncover the secrets of an extremely large multi-period site in Leicestershire.

Leicestershire possess an enormous archaeological resource ranging from Roman roads to historic buildings. For the past 20 years, a dear friend of us here at Past to Present Archaeology, Dr Alan Massey, has been on a mission to locate evidence of the first settlements in the county. Alan, in his quest has amassed a very large collection of stone tools and pottery from a number of locations. These artefacts have the potential to reveal secrets to unlocking the first habitations in the region.

Soon, you will be able to join Past to Present Archaeology on a journey that begins in the Palaeolithic and ends in the late Roman period. Keep in touch to find out how you could be a part of these exciting new discoveries.